Saturday, May 22, 2010


Before I left, I got asked by countless people why I wanted to do this. As I boarded the plane, I asked myself the same question and there are moments here where I shake my head and repeat it.

I have always been obsessed with adventure. From the books I read as a child (and now), to the movies I love, and the history I am fascinated by, adventure captures my attention better than almost anything else. I suppose this was the insigator in my search for an adventurous summer. I knew that travelling alone and living in a foreign counrty for three months would challenge me in every way. I wanted to better myself and learn more about the world. This time in Italy is already doing that. My walk with God has gotten more tactile as I am forced to come to Him only with hardships. He is teaching me a lot about myself and others.

Secondly, I made a promise to myself a while back that I would travel internationally by myself before I got married. It wasn't a matter of proving anything to anyone but myself. I knew that I could do it, but how could I really be sure unless I acted on it? I do not see marraige as an end to adventure. On the contrary I plan on going on countless adventures with my husband. However, there is something to going out on your own, and testing your own independence. I also didn't want to get married and regret not taking this opportunity to grow. I want to be a wife that is fully content with her past adventures by herself and the future ones with her husband.

When it came to finding the venue for this adventure I considered two facts: I love kids, and I love other cultures. Being an au pair (international nanny) was the perfect fit as it combined these two things. I get to live with a family, expirience thier culture and language, while being able to take care of kids. I grow to love my job more each day as Giuseppe and Margherita become more comfortable with me and as we spend more time together going to the park, reading books together, or snuggling as we watch a movie. I am truly blessed.

Peace in Christ

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