Monday, May 17, 2010

Citta Alta

On Saturday I was able to explore the upper part of Bergamo (Citta Alta). All of the old cathedrals and buildings are the same from hundreds of years ago. If you have never explored somewhere new by yourself, you must try it sometime. I often have missed people at home and wished for an "adventure buddy" so to speak, but I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around by myself at my own pace, accompanied only by my thoughts and my camera.
Citta Alta is filled with many side streets and places to explore, but by the grace of God (literally) I did not get lost in the maze of history. Perhaps my favorite place was the cathedral of Saint Alessandro. It was build in the 1400's, with painted ceilings that seem to reach the sky. The sunlight is thrown on the intricate depictions of Christ and the saints through the windows that are hundreds of feet in the air. Monks were singing God's praises as I wondered this huge place. The floors were marble and gold seemed to be everywhere. Italians seem to be experts at beauty, and this was clearly shown in how the cathedral was designed and decorated. The singing was haunting as I went down stairs that led to a huge room with the marble tombs of previous nuns and monks. As I climbed back up, I noticed room dedicated to prayer. I went in, sat down, and thanked God for the opportunity He has given me and for the things I have seen. Saturday may be my favorite day here so far.

I am learning more and more about Italian culture. This weekend we were invited to a friend's house and then hosted a party ourselves on Saturday night. It is common to sit around a table after you eat and talk for hours. I enjoy this time of getting to know people, but I must admit it gets tiring struggling to understand people for hours on end, and not being able to contribute much. That being said, my understanding of Italian is increasing. Hopefully by the end I will be able to add to conversations as well.

Other exciting news: I booked my hostel for London. I am travelling there right before I head home to the States. I found one right in the center of London, with easy access to the things I want to see. I basically wanted a place with a bed for me and a kitchen so I don't have to spend a bunch of money on eating out. This place has both of those and internet, with free linens included. For the price I am paying it is a steal.

For now though my residence is in Bergamo, Italia. I am navigating the complications of culture shock but life goes on and I am doing well. Arrivederci!

Peace in Christ,


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